Boggs 8 hour

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May 12, 2013

I had grand plans to put in a huge effort this year at Boggs and try to better my 10 laps from last year, but the universe had other plans - I came down with one of the worst head colds I've ever had on Thursday, which completely knocked me out for Thursday and Friday.  I was certainly not good company for my girlfriend as she drove us up to Boggs State Forest on Friday night - blowing massive amounts of mucus into a t-shirt and moaning in the front seat as my head felt like it was gonna explode.  We set up camp in the dark and I popped a couple Nyquils, hoping that I could sleep and feel better in the morning.







Morning came and I felt WAAY better! Time to race!  I could feel my lungs were nowhere near fully functional, and with all the dust I knew breathing would be a problem, but I figured I'd do a few laps and see how it felt.  Each lap was about 8 miles and 1,300 feet of climbing.







The first lap was super dusty but amazing - golden morning light filtering through the trees.  Legs felt strong but breathing was not pleasant.




                    Photo credit: Nona Perez Photography                



Photo credit: Nona Perez Photography







                    Photo credit: Daydreamer Cinema                



Photo credit: Daydreamer Cinema




Felt pretty good for 3 laps, but started to feel a bit out of it and prematurely fatigued during lap 4.  Megan took good care of me and kept me fed and hydrated, and after a short break, went out for a fifth lap, hoping to feel better.













Nope. Pulled the plug after lap 5, no need to dig myself into a deeper hole.  Obviously disappointed but glad I got to ride at all.  Hung out for a bit, caught up with some friends, packed up the car, and made it home for dinner.  Huge thanks to my lovely girlfriend for driving me, helping set everything up, filling bottles, making food, and putting up with my snot rockets every 30 seconds!


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