Grasshopper: Chileno Valley

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Grasshopper - Chileno Valley

February 16, 2013

Beautiful day for some suffering in northern Marin county.  Sean and I cruised up to Occidental for Grasshopper #2.


Yep - my face says it all. I knew my legs didn't show up and I was about to put in a good 5 hours of suffering.  This was confirmed almost immediately - not even 30 seconds into the ride, we hit a steep climb out of Occidental - OUCH time.  Legs burning, I moved backwards through the group of about 300 riders, and Sean pulled ahead.  Crap!  I started feeling a bit better by the top and passed a ton of people on a couple sketchy descents down to Hwy 1.


Insanely gorgeous on Hwy 1.  I was able to latch on to a large group of about 30 riders, and we made good time barreling down the PCH.  The group splintered when we hit Valley Ford, and I caught up to Sean who was waiting for me.  He was riding super strong and I just tried to hang on to him as we soloed our way to Tomales and the Marshall Wall.


After the Wall, the legs decided to take a nap and I lost contact with the group we had joined - had to suffer alone for a while up the long gradual climb to the aid station.  Luckily the aid station wasn't far and I was able to rejoin Sean there.



My veiw for most of the day - spandex ass.

Pounded the Osmo and some gels, and we set off for the final 30 miles.  Made pretty good time through the mostly flat Chileno Valley - latched onto a group going at a fairly leisurely, although never comfortable, pace.


Looks nice, but you can't smell the cow shit - holy hell.

25 miles went by super fast, and then we hit Joy Rd.  Every man for himself.  Sean and I launched off the front of the group and crushed it.  Came in at an even 5 hours.  Pretty amazing ride, these events are an awesome mixture of amazing scenery and intense, serious riding.  Also amazing is the caliber of people who come to these things - Sean and I are no slouches on the bike, and we finished 170th!  Out of 250 starters!  Damn, these NorCal roadies are fast.


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