CTR: Day 4

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September 5, 2013

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs to Wurtz Ditch

91 miles, 9,558' gained, 15 hours

I decided I needed more than my usual 2 hours of sleep, and didn't set an alarm.  I woke up right at dawn, to a blood red sunrise filtering in through the aspens.

I was HUUUNGRY! Got moving pretty quickly, eager to make it to the hot springs and see if they had a vending machine or something open this early - I didn't want to wait until 8am.  I ran into Justin, the first Westbound racer I'd seen, right before the hot springs - he was super chippy, in good spirits, obviously having fun, but confirmed the hot springs store was closed.  Nevertheless, I sprinted my way down the road to the resort, hoping for a vending machine....yes! Found one just outside the closed general store.  I was about to slip a dollar into the machine when a lady stuck her head out of the door and invited me in! She opened up an hour early just for me, and I was able to get a huge warm breakfast of hot egg sandwiches and coffee! Wow...I couldn't thank her enough. Completely revitalized, I made quick work of the remaining trail until Buena Vista, arriving around 11am.  Quick refuel at City Market, and I was on my way to Leadville.

Early morning through the aspens


Once I hit the Twin Lakes section, I really started to struggle.  This should have been a fairly easy segment, but I just had no power on the climbs.  Beautiful segment, loved the aspen trees, but I was definitely glad to make it to the Leadville detour.  I thought I had bought enough food in BV to bypass Leadville and just go straight to Copper, but I was ravenous the whole day and ate everything I bought, probably from the caloric deficit from the previous day, so I had no choice but to go into Leadville for more. Quick Subway dinner, Safeway stop, and got myself to Wurtz Ditch by 9pm.  I opted to stop here and get an early start in the morning.  Today was much slower than previous days - hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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