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2013 in Review

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January 20, 2014

2013 was a year of a lot of firsts and personal growth for me.  I found a couple new extremely rewarding passions - photography, which led to the birth of this blog, and bikepacking, something I had been fascinated by but never had the opportunity to try until this year.  It's been the busiest year I've ever had, and it hasn't been easy to balance time spent on things I love - spending time with my girlfriend, friends, and family, bikes, training and racing, photo/video projects - with work and other life commitments, so this year has been about balance as much as anything.  Many good times were had, fun trips with friends, lots of time spent alone on the bike, taking pictures everywhere I went.  As a photographer, this was the first year I actually took it seriously - learned everything I could about the technical side, started working in RAW with Lightroom - and it's awesome to see my progression from the terribly overprocessed HDR images I took early in the year to some recent shots I'm really proud of.  For me, photography is the most enjoyable way to exercise my creativity and share some of the cool things I get to see and do, and I hope to continue to keep growing as an artist in this regard, maybe even getting to do this for a living someday (hah!). Here are some of the best images and experiences I had this past year.

Hwy 84 sunrise 1-10-13 cloud edit.jpg

Killer pre-dawn training rides all over the Santa Cruz mountains in January.  Big efforts that usually rendered me totally worthless at work but laid the groundwork for a strong race season.


Feb/March: Grasshoppers - big adventure road/dirt rides on the backroads of Sonoma County.  I love these events - good, hard, gritty adventures, mostly road but not shy to include some dirt.  I got crushed every time but had great fun.  Sean was my suffer buddy.


Feb/March: I'm a lucky guy to have these two in my life.  Enjoying the unseasonably warm and dry winter here in Norcal.



April: Training with the Tecnu boys as they prepared for a big expedition race in Africa.  Made some fun promo videos for the team.



May: Beers at the top of Mt. Elwell. Awesome Downieville MTB trip with Bean and Sean for Memorial Day weekend.


June: Super fun time with the crew at Coolest 24hr Race Against Cancer in Auburn.  Bean and I won the men's duo.


July: Solo bikepack in Big Sur.  Little taste of what I'd be doing in CO!

July: CTR. Highlight of the year by far.  Incredible 5.5 days battling my way across Colorado on the spectacular Colorado Trail.


August: Great weekend in Tahoe with good friends. Bikes, beaches, and kayaks.



August: Desolation Wilderness 15 peaks challenge.  Even slightly obscured by smoke from nearby fires, the surroundings were incredible.

September: Great weekend exploring Ashland's mega fun trail system with Sean.


September: Fall early morning singletrack sessions.


October: So cool to see Megan get more comfortable on the bike.  She's crushing it after only a few short months.


October: Fall adventure runs on Mt. Tam.


October: Misty explorations of cold Norcal costal waters.



November: More training sessions with Tecnu as they prep for worlds in Costa Rica.







December: Incredible time covering the Adventure Racing World Championships in Costa Rica.


December: Closed out the year visiting my family in Boulder.

Most of the pics were taken with a Sony NEX-5N, some were with a GoPro, and the last one was with the Olympus OMD-EM1


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